Sunday, December 27, 2009

Critics' Corner

Today Wynn and I went on a date to the movies - her first time going to the theater. She's seen a play on stage - Cinderella at the Children's Theatre Company, but this was her first experience with the silver screen.

Here's how it went -

The Movie: Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

Wynn's Question on the Way There: "What does a movie theater look like?"

Her Impression of the Theater: totally-distracted by all the people, video games, and giant posters of Johnny Depp in the lobby; didn't even notice the concession stand was there

Her Out of Nowhere Moment of Reassurance in the Lobby: "Remember how I didn't pee at Cinderella? I'm not going to pee here too."

Where She Sat: my lap, the entire time

My Opinion of the Movie: beautifully-animated with upbeat and singable selection of songs and a positive message that's entirely in sync with President Obama's back-to-school address

Wynn's Opinion: "I don't like this show. It's about frogs, and I don't like frogs." (I took this as being exceedingly ironic, coming from a girl who is obsessed with geckos. When I pointed out the similarities between the two, she just rolled her eyes and gave me that You just don't get it, Mom look.)

I do understand her opinion, though. She was expecting a princess movie along the lines of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and, for most of this movie, the future princess is, in fact, a frog. Wynn likes her princess movies chock full of princess screen time, so this just wasn't her thing.

She does say that she enjoyed going to the movie, that she liked the singing and dancing parts, and that the Shadowman (the bad guy) was real scary - like Maleficent.

Let's call that two and a half stars, shall we?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yet Another Midwestern Blog Post Cleverly Entitled "White Christmas"

Why So Confused, Frosty?

When the forecasters started spinning tales of doom and gloom for the holidays, we quickly rearranged some plans and ended up doing our traditional Christmas Eve with my family - but on the 23rd. We figured it was going to be easier to do it a day early; then if things were really bad on the 24th, we could all just hunker down at home for the day and watch Wynn play with all her new toys.

Helping Grandpa Open One of His Gifts
(Hint: It was a BIG year for slippers!)

Our Christmas Eve Eve celebration was lovely and as low-key as could be, considering there was a three year old and a MOUNTAIN of gifts in the room. The biggest gift was sitting in front of the fireplace, topped with an enormous silver bow. Wynn knew it was for her, peeked through the wrap as best she could, spotted the roofline at the top and proclaimed, "It's a dollhouse." We tried to convince her that she was wrong; obviously, it was a refrigerator to keep apple juice and pizza in, but, there's no fooling Wynn. She still managed to get seriously excited when the time came to open it.

Oh, What Could it Possibly Be?!

She's deeply in love with her dollhouse (and all the accessories - including a pink convertible - that come with it). The only problem is, with SO MANY gifts and such a BIG dollhouse, we couldn't fit everything in the car for the ride home. So, the dollhouse is staying at Grandma and Grandpa's until they can transport it in a few days - once the storm of the century has passed. Meanwhile, Wynn is content as can be, playing with her dolls, games, and puzzles. We also cleaned her room a bit today and talked about how the dollhouse couldn't come home until there was enough room for it, which she totally bought.

The Gecko We'll Use to Stage a Monster Movie
at Her Dollhouse If Things Ever Get Dull

This Christmas has truly been the best yet with Wynn. It's the first time that she's anticipated the holiday and had enough background knowledge to talk about the things she was looking forward to: getting a tree, opening presents, watching the Grinch, etc. Watching her excitement build over the past few weeks has been such a treat.

The Gecko's Going for the Car First, I Guess

Our family outing this afternoon was to the front yard to build a snowman (her first!) and knock the snow off the pine branches.

Getting the Top Branches -
with a Boost from Baba

Note: Wynn has stated that we may give our frosted monstrosity of a gingerbread house to Santa. Apparently, reindeer LOVE frosting and can eat tons of it without getting sick. Excellent!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Making the Medicine Go Down

When we tried to give Wynn her second dose of penicillin (for strep), she protested.

The third dose she spat out into a cup of water.

The fourth dose went down - while we held her nose and tipped her head back.

Subsequent doses have gone down easily, accompanied by laughter.

Here's the (new and improved) procedure for getting her to take her medicine:

• Cheer, "Swallow fast! Swallow fast!" as you put the penicillin in her mouth.

• Hand her a cup of milk, so she can take a big swig.

• Produce an enormous box of Godiva chocolates and let her choose one.

Works like a charm.
Every time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, I Remember

We make a point of frequently talking to Wynn about China, adoption, and the day we became a family. These things have been part of the conversation at our house from the moment we got home two and a half years ago, so Wynn's familiar with the story and the terms. (She hasn't reached the age yet where she realizes that most of her friends' first moments with their families were different than hers, but that will come.)

Here's tonight's bedtime conversation between the two of us. (Picture her with a snotty nose and watery eyes from having a cold.)

Wynn: Remember when I was a tiny little baby? (Holds her fingers up to emphasize tiny, as if she were the size of spool of thread.)

Me: Yes, I remember. You were so tiny.

Wynn: Remember when I was in China?

Me: Yes, you were in China, and Baba and I were here.

Wynn: And you said, "That's our girl. Let's go get her!"

Me: Yes, we saw your picture and knew you were our daughter. We came as fast as we could.

Wynn: And when Baba picked me up -

Me: Yes, Baba carried you back to the hotel room in China.

Wynn: And I cried on Baba.

Me: You did cry.

Wynn: It was 'cause I didn't know who you was yet.

Me: Yep, we knew you were our daughter, but you didn't know who we were.

Wynn: I didn't know yet, but now I know. You Mom and Baba. (big smile)