Saturday, March 29, 2008

March Madness

March started off with stomach flu for the whole family - Grandma and Grandpa too! That was our "in like a lion" part, and we hope today's sunny weather, warmer temperatures, and cheerful disposition from the toddler indicate that it will be going "out like a lamb". We went out for a trike ride around the neighborhood after lunch (chicken nuggets dipped in lingonberry preserves - very Minnesotan), and she squealed with glee most of the way.

We had the honor of being guest speakers on a panel at Children's Home Society, our adoption agency. The panel was made up of several families who have adopted, and the audience was comprised of families who are considering adoption. We talked about our experiences and answered questions, and Wynn behaved FABULOUSLY - she didn't poop or pitch a fit or anything. Seriously, she was a great representative of what a special needs child can be. When we started the process of adoption, we did not intend to go through the special needs program, but during our home study we found that we were actually very open to it. That path led us to Wynn, so we're so glad that - even though the home study process is long and entails a shocking amount of work - we did it.

We've had some struggles with getting Wynn to sleep lately. We don't know if she's been getting over-tired or if the longer hours of daylight are throwing her off, but we've had a few evenings of screaming and fidgeting before she finally falls asleep. We do all the bedtime rituals - taking the bath, putting away the toys, talking about how Mama has her pajamas on too, reading books, listening to quiet music ..., but some nights, it just doesn't work. (On the worst night of it this week, I woke up on her bedroom floor, drooling on my arm, wondering where I was and how long I'd been there.)

She looked adorable on Easter Sunday, but we learned that two celebrations at two locations on the same day is way too much for a two year-old. We really didn't push the Easter Bunny thing; maybe we'll mention him next year when she's a little more likely to understand what we're talking about. Since she's such a big fan of healthy snacks (tomatoes, celery, bananas, spinach), we went with a no candy policy for Easter. She really doesn't know what candy is yet, and we figure she has her whole life to learn about the joy of peanut butter cups.

- Ann

She Loves Her Dishwasher Box Fort

Wonder Woman!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


When I picked up Wynn at daycare this week, they told me they'd given her pigtails. Having her hair up was a new experience for Wynn, and she spent the rest of the afternoon admiring herself in the mirror, feeling her pigtails while laughing, and watching her shadow outside to see how her pigtails bounced.

The winter weather has hinted that it might go away soon, so now Wynn is obsessed with going out and riding around the block on her trike. Her legs aren't long enough to reach the pedals, so she tucks them underneath her and watches the pedals spin while Mama pushes the trike along.

She's also discovered puddles and loves to stand and stare at the BIG one in our driveway. She doesn't want to step in it and splash, but I sense she'll catch on to that game soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A bit of advice for any new/expecting parents out there ...

Today's car seats are a wonderful thing. You know your kid is safe in the backseat and that, should need be, the car seat cover is designed to be easily removed and laundered. Our advice to you is that you learn how to remove the seat cover BEFORE it is covered with vomit. Do a dry run or two, so to speak. You should be able to whip that sucker off of there in two seconds flat with one hand. You do not - repeat, NOT - want to be fumbling around with it once the vomit has come.

Live and learn. :-)